Sex, Lies & Crazy People

SEX LIES & Crazy PeopleJohn tells the bittersweet true story about his family’s involvement in the Harewood Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent in England during the 1960s, interspersed with self-deprecating reminisces. Best described as a true life Fawlty Towers – but without Basil.

When John is assigned to the kitchens will he be able to cook any better than his dysfunctional family? He’s in good company with chefs who can’t cook and waiters who don’t speak English. A multitude of international guests include a millionaire addicted to pornography; a con man and his beautiful ex-prostitute wife; a cash strapped film company; a strange little man who reads tea leaves and scientologists seeking spiritual fulfilment.

After falling in love for all the wrong reasons John meets Carole – but will their love last?

Sex, Lies & Crazy People follows on from Tripping Over.


Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9870945-7-5
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9870945-9-9

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