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 John Hickman was born March 1945 in the ‘little room’ upstairs at 8 Barlby Road, Kensington, London, England. Carole, his wife of fifty years says that should make him a mature writer.
Educated at private schools John joined the Westminster Bank, and then became an hotelier.

John Hickman Photo 2He joined the Pest Control industry based in the UK before migrating with his family in 1971 as ‘ten pound Poms.’ They became naturalised Australians in 1973.
John specialised in pest control, fumigation, and timber preservation throughout S.E. Queensland and the South Pacific Islands. He and his family also farmed deer in the South Burnett region of Queensland.
After retirement in 2003 he started to ‘smell the flowers’ and realised how most of them smelled the same. Unable to play golf, he discovered a passion for writing.
John’s first book Reluctant Hero is about his dad, Bill, who was a Lancaster bomber pilot in WW2. Tripping Over is an interesting and entertaining story of life in post war England in the 1950s and 1960s. It provides an historical glimpse into the author’s family’s lives.
Sex, Lies & Crazy People is the follow on from Tripping Over. John tells the Bittersweet true story about his family’s involvement in the Harewood Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent in England during the 1960s interspersed with self-deprecating reminisces. Best described as a true life Fawlty Towers – but without Basil.
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