Unable to play golf, he discovered a passion for writing!

Living Upside Down

Inspired by a true story.
Sue and Rodger attempt to resolve family conflicts and improve their living standards by migrating with their two small children from England to the warmer Great Southern Land to become 'fair dinkum Aussies'.

Set from the 1970's,buckle up for a bittersweet roller-coaster ride.

This is an inspirational, laugh out loud story of one small family's triumph over unbelievable odds. Their adventures and challenges of job satisfaction, fishing, family, cultural differences and death is told with a self-deprecating humour - as Roger and Sue inherit the Aussie witicism.

Sex, Lies and Crazy People

Sex, Lies and Crazy People

Sex, Lies & Crazy People is dedicated to everyone who has read Tripping Over and contacted the author asking, “What happened after you found a hotel that your dad could buy - without any money?”

Best described as a true life Fawlty Towers - but without Basil, it should be read by all fans of comedian John Cleese.

A multitude of international guests include a millionaire addicted to pornography, a con man and his beautiful ex-prostitute wife, a cash strapped film company, a strange little man who reads tea leaves and scientologists seeking spiritual fulfilment.

After falling in love for all the wrong reasons John meets Carole – but will their love last?

Tripping Over

Tripping Over - The events depicted occurred half a century ago in the paradoxical 50s, and the swinging 60s.

A time when the Beatles were the soundtrack of everyday life and threats of nuclear oblivion came and went with monstrous regularity.

Before political correctness went mad and ‘Core’ promises became an excuse for failed election pledges, and before people learned how to sue when they spilled a hot drink on themselves.......

Reluctant Hero

Reluctant Hero is an incredible true story from the Second World War about John’s father, Bill.

John’s story begins in the slums of Notting Hill, London in the 1920s. An area as bleak as the Gorbals in Glasgow. Bill blamed his parents Lily and Fred for his rough childhood. He had issues all right, lots of them, and we’re about to go there.........

About the Author
John Hickman was born in the UK at the end of WWII. He grew up in the shadow of his war hero father, Bill, surviving as a Lancaster bomber pilot. Only twenty-five crews are known to have survived their ‘tour’ without capture or injury. It was estimated about 55,000 airmen were killed. Whenever Bill was asked why he’d flown aeroplanes he answered, “for nineteen shillings and sixpence a day.”
If asked why he flew Lancaster bombers he replied, “because they wouldn’t give me a fast one.”
See: Reluctant Hero.

Attending numerous schools due to the family moving for Bill’s work, John learned quickly to enjoy the most of the moment, and to not take life too seriously.
See: Tripping Over.

His books are a glimpse into his world and the imagination that has grown from those life experiences; working in a bank, as an hotelier.
See: Sex, Lies & Crazy People.

John and his family took the bold step of migrating to Australia as ‘ten pound Poms’.
See: Living Upside Down.

After specialising in global pest control, fumigation, and timber preservation, they diversified into farming Javan Rusa deer, in the South Burnett.

After retirement in 2003 and unable to play golf, he discovered a latent passion for writing.

Living Upside Down is John’s debut novel to feature the adventures of Sue and Roger, after writing the three true stories: Reluctant Hero, Tripping Over and Sex, Lies & Crazy People.

Living Upside Down was inspired, in part by the author’s thirty-five years of experience in the global pest control industry, life in the Archipelago, and migrating as ten pound poms.